Superhero Bar Crawl Registration

Saturday August 5th, 2017 - Pittsburgh South Side
Register for the PGH Superhero Bar Crawl!

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I need a refund?

All sales are final so please be sure before you register for the Super Hero Bar Crawl. However, you can transfer your purchase to another individual up to three days before the event.

Can I register more than one individual at a time?

Yes! You can register a many of your friends as you would like, however, each additional registration is another $10 donation.

Do I need to be 21?

Yes, all participants in the bar crawl must be 21 years of age or older.  However, if you are under 21, we encourage you to still donate to the Simple Hope Foundation.

Why do I need to register for the Crawl?

All registered participants in the Bar Crawl will receive special wrist bands that will grant them access to all events, specials, and deals at participating Bars and restaurants during the crawl.  Those without wrist bands will not receive these deals.

Who is the Simple Hope Foundation and why is my money going to them?

Simple Hope is an organization that was founded after the tragic death of Andrea Giattino, the victim of a drunk driving accident. Their organization works towards the prevention of injuries and death due to driving while intoxicated. They believe in shifting the paradigm of drinking behavior towards more reasonable and educated choices and they try to start that conversation when it matters most (when people actually have a drink in their hand).

One of their founders likes to say “Be the local hero– stop a drunk driver” so when the Pittsburgh Super Hero Bar Crawl approached the Simple Hope Foundation to partner with them for their annual event in Southside, they thought it would be a great fit. They would like to set up our home base at a local hotel with one of their IntoxBox breathalyzer kiosks.

They are a 501c3 Non-Profit organization so any contribution would be fully tax deductible.

Will there be a costume contest?

Yes! We will have a costume contest!  It is not a craftsmanship contest. Contestants must be present at pictures (which will take place at 6 pm). The winner will be announced during the raffle drawing.

Can I purchase additional raffle tickets for the raffle drawings?

Yes! Additional raffle tickets will be on sale when you go to check in for the bar crawl!